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Common Questions - Trust

Questions to ask when choosing a Home Health Agency:


Q. Is the agency certified & licensed by the State of Florida?

A. Yes, Comforts of Home is certified & licensed by the State of Florida  - License # 299992279

Q. Is the agency bonded & insured?

A. Yes, Comforts of Home carries all appropriate insurances and is bonded according to compliance regulations by the State of Florida.

Q. Is the agency a member of National or State Associations ?

A. Yes, Comforts of Home is a Member of the Elderly Services Resource Network (ESRN), the Association of Home Health Industries of Florida (AHHIF) and the Broward Coalition on Aging (BCOA).

Q. Who assesses the patients’ needs to develop a plan of care?

A. A Registered Nurse will perform all patients assessments to help define the plan of care?

Q. Does the company accept insurance payments before billing the client (called assignment of benefits)?

A. Yes, Comforts of Home will handle all the paperwork on behalf of our clients in accordance with their long term care insurance policies.

Q. Will the agency replace a Caregiver if I am unhappy & do not like them?

A. Yes, Comforts of Home is in business to serve our clients & patients. We will work hard to ensure a suitable & compatible relationship is achieved.

Q. Does the agency qualify employees through background checks?

A. Yes, Comforts of Home does background checks on all of the Care Givers that apply for work.

Q. What procedures are in place for emergencies and after hours?

    • In the event of a Medical Emergency, dialing 911 is the first action anyone should take when alerted to a medical crisis.
  • Comforts of Home is available and is on-call 24/7/365 via our office number – (954) 744-8424.
  • In the event of a hurricane or other type of need We have an Emergency Procedure Manual that is in place to coordinate activity. 

Q. Are supervisors assigned to oversee the plan of care for the patient?

A. Yes, Comforts of Home’s Registered Nurse performs an initial assessment and then does follow up and/or other routine visits to ensure the plan of care is proceeding as planned.

Q. Are the Care Givers direct employees & supervised by the agency, or are the Care Givers independent contractors?

  • Yes, The Caregivers are direct employees of Comforts of Home.
  • Appropriate Federal & State taxes are withheld & paid for by Comforts of Home.

Q. Who owns the company?

A. Comforts of Home is a family owned & operated business.


Q. Do the owners work in the business?

A. Yes. Both are full-time employees and business partners whose families live in Broward County, FL.


Q. Are they accessible?

A. Yes. We are only a phone call away.